Our History

The Story Of La Fortaleza 

In 1955 our grandmother, Trinidad Garcia, and her four children left Mexico in search of a better life in the United States of America. Settling in Los Angeles, she and our father, Ramiro Ortiz, worked odd jobs to make ends meet and eventually opened their first business, a local Mexican deli that became famous for its freshly made tortillas. In 1975 our father founded La Fortaleza, which stands for strength, fortitude, determination, and perseverance, which was the beginning of a proud standing family business. From the strength our grandmother showed when she left her home country to make a better life for her family, derived our father’s determination to keep that dream alive for his children and future generations. It is our mother’s fortitude that helped her dutifully raise eight children while helping the business grow. It is the perseverance of our heritage.

The First Location 1975